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About The Designer


Christina Liedtke founded Christiana J. Paul in 2007 to design custom couture garments for personal clients and companies.

“When I founded the company, the vision behind Christiana J. Paul was to create timeless, beautiful, and luxurious garments to enhance the monumental moments for my clients lives. In evolving the brand from custom couture to Ready-to-Wear, the vision is still to maintain the custom and luxury experience through materials and details, however focus the lines on the modern and abstract to collectively combine old world romance with the modern emerging woman.”

Ms. Liedtke’s philosophy is to bring forward elegance in an artistic and complex standard with nature as the consultant to design.

“The inspiration and philosophy behind my creativity and fashion design is to take a natural state of being and evolve it into another form in an artistic and beautiful way. I have always used nature and its shapes as my consultant to design. Nature has an emotional evolution that we all interact with on a daily basis. The way the leaves fall in the autumn, the way flowers bloom in the spring, how nature changes its course and we change with it. Fashion design to me is about evolution, but evolution of the connection to ourselves. Additionally, there is also a level of storytelling and imagination that goes into each of my designs. I always start off with a season and a location. Then, my imagination brings me into an interactive and emotional space that begins to evolve into couture dresses and various garments, with the location’s nature as the background.”

The designer currently resides in New York City, New York.