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Christiana J. Paul

10-winston-aboutpgChristiana J. Paul is an emerging women’s wear company located in New York, New York, combining upscale contemporary with luxury design for approachable luxury RTW. Our philosophy is to design iconic styles with refined details, and impeccable quality and tailoring to magnify a woman’s confidence, and provide her with a sense of self that inspires her identity and expresses her individuality.

The story behind Christiana J. Paul is of love and romance. The brand name, design aesthetic and evolutionary vision is an aspirational and engaging love story between two people and the hopeful, yet fateful space between them. The love story captures the essence of the label through branding attributes answering one key question, “If you were to see the love of your life, what would you wear?”.

Our mission is to be equal parts timeless, progressive, and functional in the creation and tailoring of RTW, defining iconic style through innovation and craft. To maintain the highest standards of excellence when dressing women with elegance and beauty through exquisite styles and solutions for our customers, while rewarding them with an exceptional brand experience.