Christina Liedtke is the Founder and Creative Director of Christiana J. Paul, custom couture and women’s ready-to-wear as well as the Founder and Creative Director of NOSOFA CLUB, a multifunctional, travel friendly women’s ready-to-wear brand. With over 10+ years in fashion design and 15+ years in beauty care working for fortune 500 beauty care brands, her synchronized creative, artistic, and logical ability to design, build, and grow brands is world class. 

With an extraordinary eye for exquisite and artistic design and detail, Christina’s custom creative work in both beauty and fashion has spanned across areas of sustainable collaborations with Terracyble and Johnson & Johnson to design collaborations with the Detroit Historical Society, Alexander Girard, and other unique partnerships. 

Christina’s innovative approach pushes the limits in design and the imagination:

“The inspiration and philosophy behind my creativity and design is both thought provoking and emotional. I look at how design can transform and redefine meanings in our lives whether it be in fashion or art. Fashion design to me is about evolution, but how we evolve as individuals. What’s most prevalent to me in design is the emotional purpose and intent behind the story and how long the story will last. The longer the story lasts, the more meaning and change comes from the design. Our tendency as humans to remember things that captivated us and changed our thinking and/or behavior is the foundation of my design. It can be as simple as transforming our basics in our wardrobe to creating memorable haute couture to artistic contextual collaborations.”  

Christina currently resides in New York, New York.